Welcome to Monroe & Chase


The idea behind Monroe & Chase came from our first-hand experience of the industry standards of media sales recruitment, and a determination to rock the boat. We come from media sales backgrounds, and recognise the frustration caused by misinformed and pushy consultants – especially on an undermanned sales floor on closing day.

At Monroe & Chase we make an effort to get to know recruiting managers, the atmosphere in their team, and what they really want out of a new starter.  On the flip side, we make a real effort with our candidates to ensure we know their personalities and skills, and therefore are more knowledgeable when it comes to finding the right person to fill the gap in your team.
We bring with us not only a wealth of experience in media sales, but also fresh enthusiasm and a desire to do things properly. The media sales consultants at Monroe & Chase have the experience to find the right candidates for you. We also welcome comments and feedback about the way we work and your experience of our service.

At Monroe & Chase we recognise from experience the type of person it takes to start and succeed in the dynamic nature of a media sales environment, and we endeavour to make sure that we direct that talent to where it belongs.  We embrace learning and like to stay up to date with the ever-changing nature of media sales. Be it print advertising, online, SEO, PPC, conferences, exhibitions, events, DM, directories, outdoor and everything in between.  As an employer, we also know how frustrating it is for you to receive CVs and interview candidates that clearly lack the qualifications or the experience for the job at hand.

At Monroe & Chase we pledge to not just send you over an array of candidates and hope for the best. Our aim is to tailor each individual first to your company, to your team, and only then to your vacancy.  It is, when all is said and done, in our interest for you to employ the right person, give us good feedback and use us again and again.