Graduates, welcome to Monroe & Chase


You’ve come to our site because you’re looking for more information about media sales as a career, or you’re actively looking for the right role.

In either case you’ve made the first important step towards starting a very rewarding career. All the best media sales people have been in exactly the same position as you are in now, trying to work out what they want to do with their lives.

A career in media sales is far from dull. It’s fast-paced and dynamic and, incidentally, one of the fastest ways to make a lot of money after university.

Sound appealing? If you are confident, bright and a quick-learner you’ll be well suited to the easily changeable-demands of the job.

For instance, in any given day, you may need to be prepared for power-lunches, boozy-afternoons or a hard day’s work. The first step on the ladder of a career in media sales will also be incredibly valuable. It’s then you receive the most important basic sales training, on which you will build over the course of the rest of your career. Generally, the first six months or so will be spent polishing your sales technique on the telephone and building up to the responsibility of representing the company in face-to-face meetings. You will work to strict publishing deadlines which sometimes make the job challenging, but, ultimately, a career in media sales will set you up for life.

Monroe & Chase is ideally placed to help you into your first media sales role. As recruiters we specialise in working with the industry’s best graduate employers. So, by working with us, you’ll have access to the best training at the best companies. Our aim is to find the right position for you, whether it be in an environment that is work hard/play hard, work hard/no play or a mix of the two.

At Monroe & Chase we sit down and meet every candidate that we put forward for interviews. We wouldn’t put anyone forward for a job we hadn’t met first. This helps us to match your personality and skills with a company that suits you. We will only put you forward for a role after discussing both the pros and cons with you, and will always support you through the interviewing process.

Interviews with companies aren’t nearly as scary as you might think, and at Monroe & Chase we want you to benefit from our experience and for you to use us to help you give 100 per cent during an interview.

We’ve included some useful tips about compiling your CV elsewhere on this site, and also some things to remember when you start going to interviews.

Right, you’ve heard what we’ve got to say. Now, we’d like to hear from you. So register with us and make the first step towards the rest of your life.


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